Eagle's View Academy | A Private Christian School in Jacksonville, Florida
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Summer Reading

The purpose of the Eagle’s View Academy summer reading program is to encourage students to read and appreciate classic and contemporary literary works.  Summer reading also encourages continued learning and scholastic development while students are away from school. Please note that the requirements for titles and number of books vary from grade to grade and class to class. All of the books are available in limited quantities from the Jacksonville Public Library and local bookstores. Online retailers offer the cheapest availability, but the order should be placed early enough to allow time for students to read.


Parents, please encourage your students to read each day rather than waiting till the end of the summer.  Evaluation will be on the books – not the films!  Please note that any student who registers in the two weeks prior to the start of school will have a different date of evaluation.


2021 Summer Reading Lists


4th Grade Summer Reading 2021


5th Grade Summer Reading 2021


6th Grade Summer Reading 2021


7th Grade Summer Reading 2021


8th Grade Summer Reading 2021


9th Grade Summer Reading 2021


10th Grade Summer Reading 2021


11th and 12th Grade Summer Reading 2021


ENC1101 Summer Reading 2021

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