Eagle's View Academy | A Private Christian School in Jacksonville, Florida
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Graduation Requirements

Building the Foundation of Success

Subject Required Credit Hours
English 4 credits
Math* 4 credits- Algebra I or higher (must include Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II)
Science* 3 credits (must include Biology and either Chemistry or Physics)
American Government 1/2 Credit
Economics 1/2 Credit
World History 1 Credit
American History 1 Credit
Bible* 4 Credits
Physical Education 1 Credit
Fine Art (Art, Drama,) 1 Credit
Electives 2 Credits
Foreign Language 2 Credits
Total 24 Credits

High School Courses Taken by Middle School Students:

An academically advanced student in middle school who completes a high school course (such as Algebra I or Physical Science) can use the course credit toward the eighteen high school academic units required for admission of first-time-in-college students (freshmen) to institutions of the State University System of Florida and for Bright Futures eligibility.  The high school course(s) completed by a middle school student shall not reduce the number of mathematics or science credits required for graduation.

*Students must take and pass a Bible course for each year of enrollment at Eagle’s View Academy.

Additional Graduation Requirements:

  1. All seniors must take the ACT or the Collegeboard SAT at least one time during their senior year in order to receive a diploma from Eagle’s View Academy.
  2. All seniors must take and pass a minimum of five courses each semester during their senior year to participate in graduation ceremonies.
  3. All seniors must take and pass one online course during their high school years.
  4. A senior must have a minimum of 23 high school (9th – 12th grades) credits in order to participate in the graduation ceremonies, and a total of 24 high school credits, including core requirements, and a minimum grade point average of 2.0 to graduate and earn a high school diploma.
  5. All seniors must complete a total of 48 hours of documented community service (prorated based upon number of semesters attending Eagle’s View Academy) before graduation.  Documentation of community service must be turned-in to the school or guidance office no later than the end of the third quarter of the student’s senior year.

Criteria for Recognition as Valedictorian or Salutatorian:

The graduating student with the highest GPA that has taken at least Pre-Calculus, Physics, or Dual Enrollment during their senior year will be recognized as valedictorian.


The graduating student with the second highest GPA that has taken at least Pre-Calculus, Physics, or Dual Enrollment during their senior year will be recognized as salutatorian.