Eagle's View Academy | A Private Christian School in Jacksonville, Florida
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EVA Update for 8-20-21

eagle's view academy private Christian school

EVA Update for 8-20-21

Good afternoon EVA family!

I was standing in the hall as the students entered my class today and I was thinking, “Is it really the end of the second week of school already?” And, yes, it really is. By the time we get to Friday, the days seem to have run together, but it is an honor each day to interact with, educate, and encourage your students. Here are a few things to know as you start your weekend.

Our varsity football team has a jamboree tonight at Providence. They will play a quarter against Providence and another against Christ’s Church Academy this evening. If you intend to go to the game, you can purchase tickets online if you would like using the link below. We are cheering for the Warriors to win and for all of the teams to compete safely tonight.


If you are a parent, grandparent, or family friend of an EVA student and you would like to be able to chaperone field trips or volunteer here at the school, you must complete a background check before the event that you would like to be a part of. To do that, you can go to our school website, hover on Resources, and then click on Parent Involvement. At the bottom of that page, you can click on a link that takes you through to an online background check. The background check is good for a full year. We look forward to having you involved here at school.


If you have a student in grades 9-12, we wanted to briefly remind you that EVA will be conducting random drug testing throughout the 2021-2022 school year. For more information about this, please watch the following short video by our Dean of Students, Cathy Rottmann (crottmann@evajax.com).


Students that took the Stanford Achievement Test – 10 at EVA last year were awarded an excused day or two off of school this year if they scored a stanine of 4 or higher on those tests. If your student was here and did meet those criteria, they would have received their day off passes at school this week. To use those passes, the student can simply turn in the day off pass to the front office before the day that they wish to use it for or within two days after they return from missing that day. It will be marked as School Function and not counted as an absence. Thank you for your hard work on that test!

EVA has some of the cotton polo uniform shirts of each size for sale in the school office if you need more for your students. The cost will be the same as the online store, and you can purchase them directly from the school office as long as supplies last.

Finally, if you do not yet do so, I would encourage you to follow EVA on Facebook and Instagram. We will be updating that consistently throughout the year and it is a great way to stay informed about things that are happening here at the school.

instagram.com/evawarriors                                        facebook.com/evawarriors

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reply or contact the school office at 904-786-1411 during school hours. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and we will see you Monday.


Josh Sheetz

Administrator, Eagle’s View Academy