Eagle's View Academy | A Private Christian School in Jacksonville, Florida
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EVA Update for 11-5-21

eagle's view academy private Christian school

EVA Update for 11-5-21

Good afternoon EVA family!

If you are a fan of blankets, sitting by the fireplace, and soup, this is the weekend for you. We do not often get cool and damp weather, but today and tomorrow will be just that. As you go through the chilly weekend, here is the latest and greatest information about what is happening here at school.

Tonight, our varsity football team continues their playoff run as they take on Santa Fe Catholic. The game will be at Bishop Snyder field at 7pm. It will still be raining most likely, so bring an umbrella and come out and cheer on the Warriors as they vie for a spot in the SSCA 3A championship game next week. Tickets can be purchased at the gate or online through the link below.


Thank you for your incredible generosity! The EVA family collected and donated over 1,700 non-perishable food items to our partners at the Salvation Army. This holiday season, those food items will find their way into the hands and homes of families in need here in our local community. We may not ever know who receives these items, but I pray that God honors your generosity to others in ways that you never expect. My donation of 2 pumpkin pies will take place in chapel next week. I am hopeful that the students will choose to eat them with their classmates, but I have a feeling that they may be sharing them with me instead.

As the weather gets cooler, students will inevitably want to put on a few more layers, especially in the mornings. Students are allowed to wear long sleeved t-shirts or undershirts under their uniform shirts, but they need to be solid-colored and one of our school colors (white, gray, hunter green, or black). Students may also wear non-EVA coats and jackets to school, but they will need to store them in their locker during the school day. Only EVA coats and jackets can be worn during the school day. We also highly encourage all students to mark both uniform shirts and jackets with their initials so that we can return them if they are misplaced or forgotten.

A couple things to note on the calendar for next week…time change occurs this Saturday night as we fall back one hour this weekend. Don’t forget to change those microwave and stove clocks. That will give us an additional hour of sleep on Sunday and more daylight for student drop-off. This also means that it will be darker earlier in the evenings. As our basketball seasons kicks off in the next couple of weeks, please be careful while driving on campus here at night.

We have no school this Thursday, November 11th, to commemorate Veteran’s Day, but we will have school again on Friday, the 12th. We are incredibly grateful to all who are veterans of our armed forces. The sacrifices that they and their families made so that we can experience freedom here in our country can never be fully repaid, but we hope that next Thursday will be a day when each of us can honor and thank someone we know that served.

Finally, the items from the fall fundraiser have arrived and been sent home with the students today. If your student had any orders, please see them for those items so they can be distributed to those that placed orders. Thank you again for your help with the fundraiser.

As always, thank you for being a part of the EVA family. Have a great weekend and stay warm!


Josh Sheetz

Administrator, Eagle’s View Academy