Eagle's View Academy | A Private Christian School in Jacksonville, Florida
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EVA Update for 10-8-21

eagle's view academy private Christian school

EVA Update for 10-8-21

Good afternoon EVA family!

This week has been spirited. Thank you to all that dressed up or helped a student get into their various outfits throughout the course of the week. It certainly makes things more exciting here on campus. As we wrap up this week, let’s take a look at what is coming up next.

Tonight, our Homecoming football game will take place at 7pm at SOS Academy field (6974 Wilson Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32210). We will be taking on the Halifax Knights and the Homecoming Court will be presented at halftime. Please join us to cheer on the Warriors and see who will be crowned EVA Homecoming Queen 2021.

On Monday, October 11th, we have no school, but we do have first quarter report cards posting to the Parent/Student Portal. You will be able to log into the portal and see those grades by midday on Monday.

Tuesday, the 12th, is a full school day back in our normal uniform dress code, and it is also the first day of the annual Book Fair. The Book Fair will be held from Tuesday through Friday of next week in the school library and this is a great opportunity to invest in some materials that students will enjoy reading. They also have other interesting items for sale. You can check out everything that will be at the Book Fair by clicking on the link below. Using this link, you can also set up a wallet of funds that your student can use at the book fair if that is more convenient for you.


Wednesday, October 12th, is PSAT testing day for our 8th through 11th grade students. They will be testing from 7:50-11:50 on that day. Students in kindergarten through 7th grade have no school on this day, and 12th grade students will have a meeting in the school lunchroom at 8:30 that morning. All of our teachers that are not administering tests to students will be taking part in a professional development workshop during that day.

On Thursday, we get back into a normal school day routine, and we also open up the campus to our parents that night. Thursday, October 14th, is Open House. This is a drop-in event when parents can come to the school and visit their student’s teachers and see the classrooms that the students are in each day. The campus will be open from 6:30 to 7:30 that night. Parent and guardians are welcome to come and speak with teachers to learn about upcoming class events and see some of the work from the first quarter. If you have time to come by, we would love to see you there.

Thank you to all that have given us feedback on the 1st Quarter Survey. If you have not yet done that, please click on the link below so that we can hear from you.


Please stay safe on the wet roads this evening and enjoy your weekend. See you Tuesday if not at the game tonight!


Josh Sheetz

Administrator, Eagle’s View Academy