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Choosing A Major

Eagle’s View Academy exists to build (uplift) students

through challenging academics and Christ-centered relationships.

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Questions to consider when choosing your

college major

What is a college major?

Students are required to major in a specific academic subject (or professional field) to demonstrate sustained, high-level work in one field. Depending on the college, a student might major in two fields, have a major and a minor, or even create their own major.

When should a student declare a major?

At most colleges, students aren’t required to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year. In a two-year degree program, the student will probably select a major at the start because their course of studies is much shorter.

How does a student choose?

First and second-year students usually take more general courses while they try and decide on a major. After this initial “shopping” period, coursework becomes more focused and specific. Make sure that genuine interest is there, though. A student should not choose a major by process of elimination — that could take a while. Students should take courses in things that appeal to them, then try and focus on a subject that will interest and motivate them. Students will do better, and the motivation can continue through college and into a job.

What if a student wants to go to grad school?

If a student thinks that law school, medical school, or grad school is in their future, some schools offer pre-professional majors (such as pre-med or pre-law). Most advisers suggest declaring a “normal” major unless the student is set on their plans after college. As long as a student fulfills a grad school’s course requirements, it really doesn’t matter what the student majors in.

Does my major dictate my profession?

Sometimes. If a student want to specialize in something like nursing, accounting, or engineering, then the student is learning a specific trade and will likely continue with that. Most majors, however, prepare a student for a range of things that they will be trained to handle once they graduate. For most students, picking a college is not the same as picking a career. It will be up to the student to go with what the like.

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