Funding your Private Educational Needs in Jacksonville, FL
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Affording Private Christian Schools in Jacksonville, FL: Step Up Scholarship & More

eagle's view academy private Christian school

Affording Private Christian Schools in Jacksonville, FL: Step Up Scholarship & More

Are you interested in sending your loved ones to the best private school in Jacksonville, FL, but worried about the cost? The good news is that with Step Up scholarships, private Christian schools in Jacksonville, FL, are not entirely out of reach even if you come from average household income homes. The program disburses millions of dollars to fund students with scholarships.


Every year, the program releases an average of $7,000 to fund K-12 students to cater to their academic and other needs. The scholarships provide a variety of private school options near you in Jacksonville, FL, that can help you secure quality education for your loved ones. But what if you don’t qualify for the program? Don’t be too hasty to disqualify yourself. Seek information on the requirements of Step Up by checking our website or seek help from private elementary schools near you that partner with the program.


What does the Step Up Scholarship entail?


Statistics show that over 40 percent of parents from average-income households would send their kids to the best private schools in Jacksonville, FL, if they had the resources to do so. But if you’re in Florida, you’re in luck because Step Up for Students is a non-profit organization in Florida offering scholarships for students with special needs, low-income homes, and bullied kids.


The program helps to pay for tuition for private schools, therapy services, textbooks, and funds for tutoring. The requirements to qualify for the scholarship include:

  • Proof of Florida residency using a driver’s license or a recent utility bill not older than two months
  • Spouse or partner if applicable
  • The birth certificate of the student in question
  • Social security number
  • Proof of income
  • Diagnosis documentation for special needs students


This program is within reach for eligible candidates and it’s not complicated to apply.

Private Schools Near Me


Parents who feel they are not served well in public schools get the opportunity to get their kids to the best private Christian schools in Jacksonville, FL, with Step Up. But it’s important to choose private schools near you as the program gives you better priority and the student may not incur extra expenses such as logistics and transportation costs. Eligible candidates are always presented with the opportunity to choose private schools near you. Some of the high-profile private schools in Jacksonville, FL, include:

  • Providence School of Jacksonville
  • First Coast Christian School
  • Cornerstone Christian School
  • Eagle’s View Academy

Affordability with StepUp Scholarship


At Step Up, quality meets affordable education. We cater for all tuition and all other related learning expenses in Jacksonville, FL. We sponsor students to receive educational excellence in faith-based schools. All this is funded in the best private schools in Jacksonville, FL. The process to apply include:

  • Finding a school
  • Login to our webpage
  • Finding a scholarship package tailored for you and then choosing a provider

Final Takeaways


Step Up is tailored for students from low-income and those with special needs to access quality education in faith-based private schools in Jacksonville and Florida at large. Look for a private school near you and if you’re eligible we’ll be happy to fund it. For more information, contact us or a private school close to you that we partner with.