Each college and university has an admissions policy that falls into one of three categories:

  • Open Admissions- All students are admitted (State and Community Colleges)
  • Selective Admissions- Students must meet certain admissions standards to be admitted. (Most state universities and private colleges and universities)
  • Highly Selective Admissions- Students must meet very high admission standards to be admitted. (Select state universities, Ivy League schools)

When considering applying to selective or highly selective universities, the following factors weigh into the school’s decision-making process:

High School Transcript – How has a student done in their courses? Colleges would much rather see tough and challenging courses that are in line with a student’s ability than a high grade point average comprised of easy courses. The minimum academic course requirements for admission to any Florida state university are below. All English, Math, Science, Social Science, and Foreign Language courses are considered academic credits.

Florida State University System Admissions Requirements 

18 Academic Credits and minimum SAT or ACT score

English 4 credits
Math 3 credits (Algebra I and above)
Science 3 credits (2 with a lab)
Social Science 3 credits
Foreign Language 2 credits of the same Foreign Language
Academic Electives 3 credits must come from English, Math, Science, History, & Foreign Language courses


Standardized Test Scores – Scores on the SAT or the ACT are used by admissions committees as one measure to compare students from different schools.

Application Essay – The essay is often the most overlooked aspect of the college admission process. Students are expected to spend a considerable amount of time in the preparation of the essay. It should be personal and honest, thoughtfully and carefully written, and discuss something of importance to the student. Counselors are available to help with this.

Counselor Statement – The counselors will attempt to present a fair and accurate assessment, emphasize strengths and highlight important academic trends for each student.

Teacher Recommendations – Each college has its own specific requirements for teacher recommendations, but in most cases two are requested. In some instances colleges are very specific, asking for recommendations from teachers in certain subject areas, whereas others may give a student their choice or require none at all. Read the application forms carefully.

Resume of Activities – It is important for a student to create a resume of all extracurricular activities they have engaged in since September of their freshmen year. This should include all school related activities, community service, work, educational experiences outside of school and religious activities.

(Source: http://www.belmont.k12.ma.us/bhs/guidance/search/admissions.htm)